Our Values

We are driven by our shared values to reach our full potential working with you

We imagine and develop new solutions to advance learning inspired by our values

The Dream Team

Because people are our most valuable assets. Everyone's opinion and idea might be the next disruptive product at Gutenberg Technology. We praise more collaboration than competition because one hand cannot clap alone. Everyone is intiteld to have their opinion because diversity enriches the team.

Pioneering spirit

We love to break new grounds and we are thrilled by new challenges. Innovation and disruption are rooted in our DNA. All our team remains in the look of new ideas, softwares and programming languages so we can create solutions at the cutting-edge technology.


We love to undestand organizations complexity and to simplify it with our technologies. Hand in hand with our clients, we come up with new solutions and thus we advance learning. We have stand-alone solutions and we remain flexible to adpat to our customers needs. That is how we build long lasting customer relationship.


We like to go beyond our clients expectations, to surprise them with top-notch solutions. We meet deadlines while offering an unprecedented quality of products and services.