Deliver on the promise of medicine

Medical staff, Doctors and Students

Breathe life into Medical training

Improve medical training by supporting a lifelong learning experience.
Discover how Gutenberg Technology is revolutionizing Blended Learning.

Author and transform your medical e-learning courses

Integrate high-quality media into your e-Learning courses with ease

  • Import or commission high-quality medical imaging, interactions and medical gestures

  • Save time and effort for your instructional designers by assigning tasks and user permissions, sharing members’ comments and controlling versioning

  • Easily import existing courses and notes and integrate to your existing LMS and systems (see our supported formats and integrations)

  • Create attractive medical textbooks by using award-winning interactions such as interactive videos, slideshows, explanation pop-ups, and more

Prepare your learners for a lifelong medical learning experience

Enable your students and medical staff to learn at every stage of their education and career

  • Encourage self-discovery and self-directed learning through the Medical eBook Library

  • Engage learners with note-taking, drawing or audio recording, keyword search, bookmarks, and embedded medical dictionary

  • Give learners access to all subjects they have studied with reviews and quizzes, whether in Medical School, Clinical Education or Continuing Medical Education

  • Enable learners to learn any time, anywhere, at their own pace and following the best learning path for them

Safely expand your content outreach with controlled content distribution

Create new revenue streams and safely deliver the appropriate content to the right person

  • Enable medical institutions to efficiently distribute content to students, teachers and staff

  • Monetize your content and choose the right online payment method

  • Protect your data with DRM, license activation and expiration and the disabling of standard Cut, Copy and Paste

  • Secure your distribution with log-in/password SSO authentication and Access Code support

Get closer to the truth of events by simulating clinical situations and academic exams

Let learners master their lessons thanks to medical case studies and assessments.
Review your courses using analytics and feedbacks

  • Immerse learners in realistic situations using adaptive case studies and virtual medical staffs

  • Let teachers choose the appropriate assessments for their students from a rich searchable assessment bank

  • Continually review your content using analytics and student feedback, thereby improving student outcomes

  • Get a holistic view of student effort, performance and pace by bringing together instructor and patient feedback and app-based assessment scores

Because medical staff need special treatment too

Help your medical staff acheive their goals by meeting everyone’s needs

  • Give adaptive feedbacks to learners and teachers using tracked results and instructor and patient assessment

  • Identify concerns early and support patients needs by adopting the Response to Intervention approach

  • Deliver thoughtful insights to teachers and learners