Deliver on the promise of medicine

Patients and Families

Help patients improve their medical condition and prevent complications

Revolutionize medical care by raising patients awareness.

Discover how Gutenberg Technology is revolutionizing Blended Learning.

Create your informational medical apps

Collaboratively create medical apps for a fraction of the time and cost

  • Save time and effort for your instructional designers by assigning tasks and user permissions, sharing members’ comments and controlling versioning

  • Smoothly transition to our advanced proven solutions with full integration into your existing systems for inputs or outputs (see our supported formats and integrations)

  • Create eye-catching content by using award-winning media features such as interactive videos, slideshows, explanation pop-ups, and more

  • Shape your digital brand image by customizing styling for cross-device usage

Engage with your patients by revolutionizing healthcare delivery

Enable your patients to better care for themselves and improve patient-doctor interaction

  • Raise patient and family awareness through interactive medical e-Learning apps

  • Engage with patients by connecting your apps to medical databases, devices and apps via APIs

  • Bring life to your apps with engaging interactions, offline reading, video streaming or downloading, advanced audio controls, and more

  • Enable your patients to learn anytime, anywhere, at their own pace and following the best learning path for them

Deliver the right information to the right person

Avoid unpleasant surprises or irrelevant information by assigning the right content to patients, their families and helpers, or the larger audience

  • Enable physicians and medical institutions to efficiently distribute content to patients and their families

  • Monetize your content and choose the right online payment method

  • Protect your content and patient data thanks to DRM

  • Secure your distribution using log-in/password SSO authentication and Access Code support

Gamify your quizzes and measure what’s working and what’s not

Let patients have fun with your quizzes and help app creators make informed decisions based on precise and synthetic analytics

  • Increase patient engagement by gamifying your quizzes

  • Let physicians and app creators choose appropriate quizzes from a rich, searchable assessment bank

  • Improve your contents by quickly identifying popular and unpopular items

  • Enable authors and physicians to take a holistic view of patients awareness and attitude by compiling their appraisals and app report

Personalize your communication and give the right advice at the right moment

Offer your patients special care to better understand and treat their condition

  • Give adaptive feedback to patients and physicians based on tracking results and feedback from caregivers

  • Create adaptive learning paths

  • Identify concerns early and support patients' needs by adopting the Response to Intervention approach

  • Deliver thoughtful insights to patients and physicians