Master the rules of your industry

Corporate Training

Empower your training programs on the Web and mobile and dramatically reduce their costs

Help your employee train better and faster,
anywhere and anytime and engage and meet the new generation expectations.

With MyEcontentFactory, enter the mobile learning era and deploy faster your corporate learning strategy. Anywhere in the world.

Create or transform faster your training programs

Deliver high quality eLearning courses for a fraction of the cost and the time

  • Transform your Word, Excel, Powerpoint in one click in an app

  • Save time and efforts for your authoring teams by assigning tasks and users rights, sharing members’ comments and controlling versioning while keeping track of deadlines

  • Whittle down lengthy trainings to attractive microlearning modules using gold-winner interactions such as interactive videos, slideshows, explanation pop-ups, etc.

  • Cut down on development time and cost using customizable pre-designed eLearning templates and themes

Engage your audience everywhere through all devices

Train your workers everywhere, at their own pace, at the good time

  • Gain and maintain engagement by fastly delivering the latest trainings enriched with state-of-the-art media and interactions like note-taking, drawing or audio recording, keyword search, bookmark, embedded word dictionary

  • Enable self-discovery and autonomous learning through eLearning Library

  • Engage learners everywhere thanks to video streaming, audio advanced controls, assessments etc.

  • Enable learners to learn anytime, anywhere, at their own pace and following the suited branching scenario

Leverage your content distribution

Safely deliver the appropriate content to the right person

  • Enable companies and clients to efficiently distribute content to learners and staff

  • Protect your data thanks to DRM, license activation and expiration and the disabling of standard Cut, Copy and Paste

  • Secure your distribution thanks to log-in/password SSO authentication and Access Code support

Fuel your learning content with powerful assessments

Promote the learning process with your assessments and help HR and managers to make informed decisions based on sharp and synthetic analytics

  • Let content creators use a variety of testing methods throughout the eLearning course and create a rich, searchable assessment bank

  • Revolutionize the assessment experience by gamifying your assessments

  • Improve your contents by quickly identifying popular and unpopular ones

  • Follow your employees' improvements using an effective dashboard with a multi-level view (group, individual)

Personalize contents, follow-ups and insights

Because it’s important that everyone receives a special treatment to acheive his goal

  • Give adaptive feedbacks to learners and managers based on tracking results and teacher's assessments

  • Personalize your training schedules for each employee

  • Measure the training value and ROI of your course

  • Deliver thoughtful insights to trainer and employee