Master the rules of your industry

Sales enablement and product documentation

Sales Enablement and Product Documentation

Know better, sell more

Increase your sales productivity by supporting representatives with the content and analytics they need.

Permanently equip representatives with the ability to have valuable conversations

Easily and collaboratively create high quality instruction manuals, regulation content, sales trainings and references

  • Save time and efforts for your authoring teams by assigning tasks and users rights, sharing members’ comments and controlling versioning while keeping track of deadlines

  • Smoothly move to our future-proof solutions while being integrated to your existing systems whether for inputs or outputs (see our supported formats and integrations)

  • Create attractive sales reference books by using gold-winner interactions such as interactive videos, slideshows, explanation pop-ups, etc.

  • Shape your digital brand image by customizing the styling for a cross-device usage

Get the right information in the right format, at the right time and place

Help representatives to effectively engage with prospects and customers anywhere and anytime

  • Provide digital, searchable resources for your representatives and new hires to access on the go, online and offline

  • Enable self-discovery or guided learning through Resources Library

  • Nurture opportunities and on-demand communications with powerful interactive videos and catchy slideshows, explanation pop-ups, etc.

  • Engage customers and prospects thanks to customized apps enriched with embedded or streaming videos, audio advanced controls, etc.

Securely deliver your materials to the right people

Improve sales execution and drive revenue by smartly distributing your sales tools

  • Enable HR and managers to efficiently distribute content to sales people and marketing department with local, cloud or on-premise secure hosting

  • Turn your content to an effective selling tool by smartly delivering content using different filters like customers queries, business units, regions, etc.

  • Protect your data thanks to DRM, license activation and expiration

  • Secure your distribution thanks to log-in/password SSO authentication and Access Code support

Simulate client meetings and improve your sales pitch

Raise awareness about your clients' needs and help HR and managers to make informed decisions

  • Let representatives simulate client meetings by choosing from a rich, searchable assessment bank

  • Revolutionize the assessment experience with serious games

  • Enhance your sales pitch using analytics and feedbacks

  • Follow your reps improvements using an effective dashboard with a multi-level view (group, individual)

Power your sales team with the most relevant content to the end-user

Grow your sales team and keep them up to date with targeted insights and recommendations

  • Give adaptive feedbacks to representatives and marketing teams based on tracking results and managers appraisal

  • Create adaptive learning paths for your salespeople and marketing teams

  • Help your end-users get familar with your products with highly adaptive instruction manuals

  • Deliver thoughtful insights to learners, HR and Marketing department about employees and end-users