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Educational Institutions

Enhance your training programs on Web and mobile while dramatically reducing costs

Enable both face-to-face learning and online learning in higher education and K-12.
Live a dynamic learning experience with extensive multimedia and mobile support.
With MyEcontentFactory, revolutionize student learning experience.

Create your learning materials library

Empower your instructors with unlimited resources so they can choose the best learning materials

  • Enable teachers to collaborate and share their learning materials by importing their Word and PowerPoint files

  • Easily personalize best-in-class training courses aligned with your pedagogical strategy

Engage students in today’s classroom

Publish on any device in a more engaging way

  • Provide announcements, inspiring student success stories and visual cues to learning using the RSS feed plug-in

  • Flip the classrooms by delivering highly interactive courses at home and fostering student-student and student-teacher interaction at school

  • Give your students the opportunity to share and interact with content

  • Make your content adaptive-ready and allow students to learn at their own pace

Go beyond traditional classroom management

Encourage teamwork and interdisciplinary projects

  • Create learning groups based on students' profiles and their own curiosity

  • Increase motivation by adapting the learning material you deliver to each student group

  • Help students develop transferrable skills by creating team projects and multi-disciplinary teams

Gamify assessements and analyze student progress

Identify students' unique needs to efficiently prepare them for future success

  • Leverage the new generation's skill set in the classroom by providing gamified assessments

  • Combine teacher and staff input with app-based assessments for a holistic score

  • Assess learning outcomes, monitor student's knowledge retention over time, and better prepare students for standardized tests

Enhance your institution’s reputation by supporting each individual

Provide data-driven support to your teachers and students

  • Provide customized analytics to teachers to improve instructional quality for the class and individual students

  • Monitor information retention over time by supporting school leaders and staff

  • Enable teachers and staff to quickly address persistent problems using our Early Warning System