We push the boundaries of technology so you can push the boundaries of knowledge

Teachers and E-learners

Create the perfect balance between face-to-face learning and online learning

Enable your students to be active learners and improve the teacher-student interaction.

Assess your students and analyse their results. With MyEcontentFactory, enter the adaptive learning era.

Create your learning materials

Transform learning resources to support your learning objectives and pedagogy

  • Effortlessly create new learning products from your digital textbook's existing Learning Objects

  • Differentiate your learning materials according to your students' needs by creating different learning paths

  • Personalize your learning material by attaching your media, Web links and your comments

Uniquely engage students

Enable your students to be active learners inside and outside the classroom and improve the teacher-student interaction

  • Enable self-discovery and autonomous learning

  • Easily adopt the teaching strategies of Blended Learning and Flipped Classrooms

  • Enable learners' to study anytime, anywhere, at their own pace

Distribute your content to specific classes and learners

Deliver the most suited content to specific learner groups

  • Create group of students based on their profiles, learning pace, analytics results

  • Choose the appropriate learning material for each group

  • Create project teams through team building

Assess your students and analyze their results

As you teach, spot strengths and weaknesses with interactive assessments, videos and a result-proven tracking

  • Deliver micro-assessments for each notion, final assessment and reviews

  • Unify teacher appraisal and app assessements for a holistic score

  • Track your students' effort, performance and pace

  • Follow your students' improvements using a proven dashboard with multi-level view (classroom, group, individual)

Personalize the learning experience

Each student’s uniqueness can provide a map for success thanks to an early diagnosis

  • Provide adaptive feedback based on tracked results and teacher's assessments

  • Propose adaptive learning paths to students

  • Immediate Notification using our Early Warning System to solve the identified problem

  • Initial Determination and Support of students' learning needs by adopting the RTI - Response to Intervention approach