Digital Transformation of Corporate Training

Weilbach consolidates its leadership position in its industry by going digital

  • Problem

    Weilbach wants a holistic and consistent digital publishing solution for its maritime trainings

    Weilbach, the leader of maritime trainings publishing, needed a holistic solution to transform content and products adapted to maritime conditions and needs, especially with poor connectivity issues. They wanted to sell their digital content while protecting their intellectual property.
    Furthermore, they wanted to provide their learners a new learning experience using interactivity and enhanced media.

  • Gutenberg Technology's answer

    Gutenberg Technology offers an end-to-end solution for digital migration with online and offline consultation.

    Gutenberg Technology helps Weilbach to successfully complete the digital migration of all its trainings. This consulting addresses both technical issues and business opportunities. Thanks to our solution, Weilbach can easily transform its content and give learners access wherever they are, even on the ocean. Learners don't lose their input and annotations thanks to advanced synchronization capabilities.

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  • Features:

    • PDF to ePub Automated Conversion
    • Sea-reader with offline reading and user inputs synchronization
    • License Management and distribution.
    • Onboarding and consulting for digital migration
  • THE FUTURE: partnership to expand digital publishing in the maritime training industry

    Both companies want to advance learning and knowledge transfer by enabling authors in the field to benefit from technology solutions tailored to Maritime Training.

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