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With Gutenberg Technology, the French Ministry of Education helps teachers lead their students to build a better future

  • Problem

    Teachers need to adapt teaching to each student

    It takes a lot of time to spot students' weaknesses and strengths at early stages of the course so they are less frustrated by low grades or less bored by easy concepts. Traditional tools also do not give teachers the opportunity to customize their teaching to each student while leading the class through a curriculum. Indeed, everyone has their own learning pace and own level of understanding when they are taught new concepts. Therefore, more customized teaching can make miracles happen and enable many students to blossom.

  • Gutenberg Technology's answer

    Gutenberg Technology and its partners created an innovative learning platform for students, teachers and institutions

    Blended Learning meets teachers' and students' needs in many aspects. Indeed, it combines face-to-face teaching with online teaching, providing the perfect balance for learning. Taking advantage of this method, Gutenberg Technology developed an adaptive-ready learning platform. Beginning with teacher-assigned standard learning paths, each student is then given a personalized path based on his personal outcomes while being encouraged with badges and positive feedback. At the same time, teachers can follow their students' progress in real time and are alerted as soon as a student struggles with a concept.

    • Student's dashboard
    • Teacher's dashboard
  • Features of our LMS solution

    • Web and tablet online / offline teaching interface
    • Gamified interface for students with experience points, badges and a progress dashboard
    • Teacher interface to select and customize the appropriate learning materials and track students' progress in real time
    • Classroom Manager for teachers and learning institutions to manage classes and share learning content with groups of students and teachers
    • Adaptive learning paths with hints and encouraging feedbacks
  • THE FUTURE: an innovative LMS with advanced teaching analytics

    • 2nd generation LMS: leveraging this experience and others, Gutenberg Technology is incorporating innovative features to even better support teachers and the diversity of learners with its LMS (Learning Management System) platform to deliver a holistic solution for schools and professional learning with powerful features
    • Advanced teaching analytics: GT analytics dashboard will unify the platform results and teachers' feedback for a better view on students' progess, as well as enable the teacher to understand each students' strengths and weaknesses at a glance.

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