Digitizing Corporate Training Content

Halifax powers its training programs by adopting the latest mobile-first strategy

  • Problem

    Halifax could not reach today’s millennial sales teams by using dated methods

    With rapidly-changing professions and sales teams increasingly mobile-reliant, Halifax needed to deliver up-to-date training, anywhere at any time. Furthermore, content updates took a long time to be deployed and their existing content was not very mobile-friendly. Thus it was critical to engage learners with accurate training on a commute, in a waiting room or during a business dinner.

  • Gutenberg Technology's answer

    Gutenberg Technology insures successful mobile migration

    Gutenberg Technology helped Halifax transform and deliver great digital content to support the product commercialization. Halifax can now safely deliver high-value content on any device (Web, tablet and smartphone). They can update contents in real time and securely distribute trainings to their learners.

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  • Features:

    • Interactive videos builder
    • Tablets and smartphones, iOS and Android
    • License management and store
    • Interactive assessments
    • Flash to HTML5 conversion
  • The Future: in-house authoring and new languages

    In-house authoring:After transforming existing content, Halifax will now author new trainings using the GT Authoring Tool

    Going global: Halifax will spread their ideas worldwide by providing their trainings in other languages and other countries

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