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Cengage Learning enhances the Learning Experience by providing a customized Mobile Edition App with rich content

  • Problem

    Need to transform and enrich legacy content while enhancing mobile access

    Cengage, one of the top Higher Ed publishers in the US, provides a broad offering for digital learning via its core product, MindTap Platform.
    In addition to the MindTap platform, Cengage wanted to aria-expanded its digital offerings with Handbook Mobile Edition Reader while keeping the existing solutions. Starting from Print-First legacy content made it difficult to enrich the content from any basic authoring tool and therefore produce a smartphone version. Furthermore, they needed a custom, branded Smartphone Reader to play the content and provide a unique learning experience for students.

  • Gutenberg Technology's answer

    Gutenberg Technology provided the tools and service to transform, enhance and build a great learning experience

    Legacy content was no longer a problem! Thanks to Gutenberg Technology, Cengage can transform and enrich their content for mobile in a flash.
    Moreover, by using its white-label Reader, Gutenberg Technology implemented a customized Mobile Reader for Cengage Learning, with a simple and effective learning experience as in the Cengage MindTap Platform.
    Finally, Gutenberg Technology and Cengage’s teams worked side-by-side to connect the Mobile Reader via API to the MindTap platform, to provide students a completely unified learning ecosystem.

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  • Features:

    • A simple-to-use Mobile Reader
    • Notes, highlighting, bookmarks
    • Content search
    • Interactive assessments
    • Audio and video content
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    MindTap Handbook for English Composition:

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