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“Stay focused on your project, we are on your side”

You are at the center of our attention. We not only develop top-notch technologies but we also make sure they are adopted easily in your systems, business and daily usage.

Consulting Service: Digital Transformation expertise, workflow optimization, change management..because going digital is a long process, stand by us and our experts to guide you and ensure the success of your e-learning and digital projects.

24/7 Maintenance and support: You will be assigned a Customer Account Manager to guide you step-by-step through the implementation process to make your project successful.

On boarding and training: Train your authoring teams to top-notch technologies In addition to our documentation, we can train your teams and help them take new methods on board.

Business Development: Cease new opportunities

We help you generate new revenue streams and build new business models and products by leveraging your content.

Full integration: Take advantage of our technology

We enhance the integration of our solutions to your entreprise softwares and tools.

SDK: Take the gist of our features

Build your custom app on Android and iOS by choosing the most suited features to your needs.

Updates: Stay at the forefront of education technology

Receive our lastest updates and have the finest technology of the field.

GT Group

Through its expansion and aqcuisitions, Gutenberg Technology forged an unprecedented pool of skills and expertise to offer innovative and comprehensive solutions and services tailored to our customers needs


GT partners

Our partners are selected for their level of expertise and innovation to answer the challenges faced by any organisation. That's how we offer best adaptive and digital asset management solutions.



Gutenberg Technology has developped tailored solutions for education, entreprise, medical and publishing sectors. It covers trainings, adaptive learning, informative apps and product documentation.