GT Digital Book Store

Monetize your content and Create new revenue streams

Deliver the right content safely to the right person at the fairest price with GT Digital Book Store. It enables you to display your eBooks or eLearning materials in an attractive way for learners and those who have the purchasing power.
Gutenberg Technology Digital Book store real example

Publication Manager

Easily create your e-Book store

Supports bulk sales, pricing discounts for bundles and free samples, easy price set-up
Book bundles
Seamless creation of book bundles for in-app and out-of-app purchase
Customer relationship and tracking
Upsales using recommendations and notifications, track number of purchased and activated licenses
Customizable store branding
Entirely customizable set-up and design in a wink via a WYSIWYG interface


Follow the purchasing power everywhere

In-app purchase integration
Purchasing module integrated to your mobile app and Web reader, access code input
Third party
Marketing campaigns, gifting content and content vouchers
Individual and institutional purchasing
Volume access code generation, customizable account settings
Integration to existing system
Integration to existing e-Commerce or entitlement system

License Management

Control who accesses your content

Gutenberg Technology's Digital Book store License Management
Sales control
Control your institutional and individual sales
License control
Set up license distribution, create license packs
Integration with proprietary database
Easy csv export of access codes, possible integration with your database
license Duration
License activation and expiration, subscriptions management