GT White Label Reader

Engage your audience anywhere, any time and on any device

GT White Label Reader lets you customize your reader experience. You will truly engage learners in a rich learning experience, including media and annotations. Most of all, you will track their usage and adapt to their needs in real time.
 Engage your audience anywhere, any time and on any device with Gutenberg Technology's e-Reader

Accessibility and Synchronization

Access your content no matter what

Online and offline reading
User activities and annotations available offline, offline data storage
User activities and annotations across user devices and offline/online modes
Mobile-first and cross-device
Mobile: Android, iPad and iPhone (iOS app), Windows 8. Multiple browsers: Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer
User concurrency
Easy set-up of restriction settings on devices, different set-ups for institutions (College, Middle School ...)

User Engagement Suite

Strenghten the bond between learners and content

Dynamic live content
RSS feeds plug-in, easy set-up of mobile notifications
User activities
Highly engaging annotations, drawing, audio recording, highlighting, dictionary, search
Cross-platform interactivity
Optimized interactivity for mobile and Web, consistent user experience accross platforms (Web, IOS, Android)
Content sharing
Share content with an assigned group, send a checklist by email

Secure and Robust

Deliver your content securely

Security of Gutenberg Technology's E-reader
Scalable architecture and cloud hosting
Distribute your content to millions of users simultaneously and our servers will scale immediately
Data protection
DRM-protected, secured data transmission: HTTPS/SSL, data decryption only when accessed through the reader
Secure access
Access through log-in, access code, multiple types of access: SAML2 SSO, CAS SSO
Content protection
Standard cut, copy and paste disabled, content sharing/assignment enabled only for registered users

Customized e-Reader

Your e-Reader

Easy customization of Gutenberg Technology's E-reader
Easy set-up
Set up your parameters on your own from a wide range of options
Table of Contents
Customize an attractive Table of contents
Packaged SDK for an optimized integration with existing solutions
Collections and bookshelves
Create book collections and display them on a digital bookshelf