Revolutionize the learning and teaching experience with our next-generation LMS

Leverage new technologies to reshape your pedagogical approach. Successfully implement blended learning in your institution to improve teachers and learners interaction through through assignment, automatic correction, smart learning analytics and accurate feedbacks. Allow your learners to learn and train themselves anywhere and anytime on any mobile device safely.
GT LMS student's dashboard

Create Your Ready-to-use Learning Objects Library

Fulfill your pedagogical goals by selecting the most appropriate learning object from your ready-to-use content library

Import from our LCMS
Create or import your learning object library using GT Authoring Tool
Learning goals
Define measurable learning goals for targeted audiences
Interactive assessments
Enrich your courseware with interactive assessments created with GT Assessment Tool or with your existing ones
Multiple media formats
Give your learners access to a variety of interactive learning objetcs in different media formats (Videos, Audio, Widgets, HTML, ePub)

Engage learners with adaptive learning paths

Reshape your pedagogical approach by proposing tailored learning paths to learners’

Learning paths creation
Compose your learning paths with learning objects originated from various sources
Rules definition
Define quantitative and qualitative rules to move along different learning paths
Learning paths order
Rearrange learning paths order according to learners’ feedbacks, results and user experience
Learners' choice
Enable learners to choose their learning path (optional) and learning pace

Group and assignment management

Deliver the most suited content for each group of learners

Organize and reuse your Learning Objects with Gutenberg Technology's Assessment Tool
Learner groups
Create learner groups based on learners’ profiles
Assign the right content to the right learner or groups
Assignment control
Control assignment status at anytime(open, due, and closed dates)
Grading guidelines
Define grading periods and guidelines for teachers

A unique teaching experience

Find out what's working and what can be improved with powerful analytics

GT LMS teachers dashboard
Progress tracking
Track learners’ progress and activities against a predefined set of learning goals and deliver reports on an overall or user level basis
Knowledge retained
Assess whether knowledge has been retained over time.
Content relevance
Notify authors about the relevance of content through learners’ feedback
Early Warning System
Notify teachers about students’ difficulties

A unique mobile learning experience

Empower your learners with mobile learning tools to reach their goals anywhere, anywhere

Unlimited access
Offer an unlimited access to your courseware within native applications on Tablets (iOS and Android) and Web (any up-to-date browser)
Synchronized user activities on all devices
Personalized statistics
Provide learners with personalized statistics so they are on top of their learning
Learners' notifications
Notifiy learners for due dates, assignements and teamworks sessions