GT Assessment Tool

Help your learners master their subjects while having fun

Avoid boredom by including catchy gamified assessments in your learning material. Enable your learners to enjoy interactive learning anytime, anywhere, on any device and both online and off-line. Step by step, learners and instructors feel the progress and quickly spot misundestandings.

Create Easily Your Assessments

Revolutionize the assessment experience!

User-friendly interface
Embark your user into a new experience with a customized interface and media(video, audio, images, equations)
Question types
Provide a funny user experience blending classical question types to mind-blowing ones (MCQ, SCQ, open question, fill-in blank, matching, tap and place ...)
Testing rules
Number of attempts, timer, randomization, quizz submission or skipping, partial scoring
Ready-to-use templates
Use built-in templates and customize your styling

Store them in your assessment bank

Leverage your assessments!

Import existing Assessments
Our Assessment bank supports multiple formats : JSON, XML, QTI, CSV, API integration
Search for an assessment inside your quizz bank or GT Authoring tool
Reuse assessment in as many learning material as you want
Store, tag and easily search your assessments

Organize and reuse your Learning Objects

Adapt your assessments to each student

Organize and reuse your Learning Objects with Gutenberg Technology's Assessment Tool
Learning Objects
Select or import Learning Objects in the Learning Object platform
Knowledge tree
Create easily your knowledge tree
Tag your Learning Objects to match them to your Knowledge tree
Adaptive Engine
Use GT Adaptive Engine or a third-party adaptive engine

Deliver a personalized experience

Take advantage of your assessments to better know your learners

Deliver a personalized experience with Gutenberg Technology's Assessment Tool
Tracking and reporting
Track user activites anonymously and with precision (performance, engagement...)
Feedbacks and recommendation
Personalized feedbacks and recommendations to instructors and learners
Use our gamification engine (Badges, points, challenges,team games)
Relevant data and easy visualization
Use our dashboard and get more results using filters