GT Analytics

Find out what's working and what can be improved

Because the best way to meet your learners'needs is to listen to them. GT Analytics is linked to our reader and collects the most relevant data compatible with the latest standards. It gives you the most insightful report about your learners' engagement, performance and experience.
GT Analytics collect relevant data to enhance your solutions

Engagement and Performance metrics

Measure how your learners interact and perform with your content

For publishers
Usage time, average score on interactive exercises and time spent per content, by book or content grain, number of purchased and activated licenses
For institutions
Usage of the different features of the solution, time spent on solutions by subject or classroom
For instructors
Stats of the classroom, core competency acquisition view, assignment stats view, number of interactions with the instructor, with the content and between classmates
For learners
Recap of usage time, interactions, feedback email to avoid "content dropping out"

Vizualisation and Reporting

Spot the relevant information and receive useful reports

CSV export, API connection with Caliper, TinCan / xAPI
Customizable Dashboard
Choose your KPIs and get a notification for new metrics, live metrics and alerts for major events
Customizable reporting
Send automated emails to the different stakeholders based on the metrics (learners, intructors, parents/ employers, content editors...)
API integration
API integration with your existing software