GT Adaptive

Give your learners the opportunity to learn smarter and faster

Adapt better to your learners' needs by using the latest technologies. Create Learning Objects, knowledge maps and tag your content with our user-friendly tools and our support.
Gutenberg Technology's adaptive learning solutions

Deliver Adaptive Learning Path

Create the knowledge map and map it to your content

Knowledge tree creation
Pre-ingest Knowledge tree creation and match every Learning Object to the concepts in the Knowledge tree
Learning Objects creation
Automated content tagging, smart slicing of exisiting content for LO creation
Learning Objects Mapping
Automated between LO and Knowledge tree
Learning paths set up
Easily define progress rules, choose between scenarios (step by step adaptive, autonomous learning, instructor-led learning ...)

Adaptive and Interactive learning material

Make your content adaptive with our latest tools

Adaptive Assessment Tool
Adaptive-ready exercices, recommendations to have a complete set of exercices for adaptive learning paths
Adaptive text-books
Make your legacy textbooks adaptive-ready, use adaptive capablities of GT White Label Reader
Powerful adaptive videos builder
Learning Object mapping module for videos, assessed interactive videos with adaptive hints
Integration to adaptive engines
Create adaptive-ready content that can be used with GT adaptive engine or other adaptive engines

Coach your learners and their mentors

Because every learner deserves a special treatment

Gutenberg Technology's adaptive learning solutions for recommendations
Notifications and emails
Send mobile notifications and automated emails to teachers, groups and unique users based on learners' progress and engagement
Insightful reports
Send customized reports to institutions leaders, teachers, authors and learners
Early Warning System
Spot your learners weaknesses at early learning stages and quickly address them
Classrooms adaptive paths
Enable your teachers to guide their students by choosing learning paths and creating groups in classrooms