Our partners

Our partners are selected for their level of expertise and innovation to answer the challenges faced by any organization

We have developed strategic partnerships with prestigious companies that are international leaders with demonstrated expertise. By working with our solutions and deployment methods, these partners add their knowledge to ours for a more competitive position worldwide.

Alfresco leader in Digital Asset Management


The partnership with Alfresco – which offers a suite of content management system (CMS) tools, including a powerful workflows interface and digital asset management (DAM) – complements the digital content production capabilities of Gutenberg’s MyEcontentFactory 5.0 platform.

This partnership has wide-ranging ramifications for the educational publishing industry which has not historically attracted the larger enterprise content management (ECM) players. Publishers and e-learning companies now have the ability to enjoy the economies of scale and scope that a comprehensive publishing solution provides.

Alfresco provides modern, ECM software built on open standards that enables organizations to unlock the power of their business-critical contents. More than 1,800 organizations in 212 countries turn to Alfresco for its hybrid, enterprise-grade platform. Innovating at the intersection of content, collaboration and business process, Alfresco manages over seven billion documents, powering the daily tasks of more than 11 million users worldwide.

Knewton leader in adaptive engines


Thanks to an exclusive partnership, Gutenberg Technology provides publishers solutions to create and package digital content into continuously adaptive learning applications.

Education companies use Knewton Technology to power course materials that dynamically adapt to each student’s unique needs. By analyzing data to figure out what a student knows, Knewton recommends what to study next, helping more students master material and get ahead.

Knewton-powered analytics identify knowledge gaps and predict performance to help educators, parents and administrators better support every student.
Knewton’s goal is to personalize lessons for students around the world.