An industrial paradigm

A scalable solution for the non-linear Ebook industry.

Our solution has been thought of and developped for textbooks, educational books, illustrated books, how-to books, practical books, professional books publishers. Just provide us with your InDesign/PDF files and instructions about media enrichment. MyEbookFactory takes care of the rest.

Within the classic publishing model, if you want to print a digital version of a book, you need to add many months to your planning, in order to get the basic interactive features only. The whole process then needs to be repeated for each format...


We have only one single digital workflow. The content is input via our XSD proprietary format (we take care of the conversion) and then stored in the database. Then you specify the template for each device in our interface.

We have developed apps for devices like iPad, Android tablets or smartphones, iPhone, and Windows 8 tablets. These apps are customizable and offer cutting edge functionalities. They are the recipients of your content. You input once, define the templating of the device and export in the design of all selected devices. You offer your readers a wonderful reading experience on every device they choose.

The process

It is a streamlined, configurable, centralized system that guides you step by step, allowing you to respect the production schedule and control the book publishing process.

1. Modelization phase
Book modelization means data structuration. It shows the connection between elements in the page. Structuring data allows re-usability, indexation and monetization of content.
2. XML conversion
First, publishers provide us with a PDF or InDesign files. Then we convert it into XML using our specific XSD. Thanks to our XML structure, we can create interactive content right from the beginning.
3. Template creation
You can create great layouts and design ergonomics for your books from our templating interface. You can organize the way your content is set: navigation, levels, chapters, boxes, pop-ups, colors, etc. Otherwise, we can integrate your pre-existing templates into our platform.
4. Control over the entire process
At any stage of the process, you can step in. You can edit content, preview it, edit the templates. You manage the entire process from A to Z.
5. Automatic Output
Once this simple process is completed, you just have to click on one button to publish your book simultaneously on every device you want!

Publish your book simultaneously on every device.

The benefits of our technology

User Friendly
Build your dream App with the content of your choice: interactive exercises, HTML5 animations, multimedia content ...
Quick and Simple
Scalability, searchability, portability, intertextuality, multimedia, bookmarking, API ...
Multilingual system
Supports Chinese and Arabic
Maintaining privacy of your data

Our solution optimizes your digital workflow

As the process is industrialized and scalable the cost per eBook is very competitive. You have some digital projects? We can advise!

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