Company Presentation




Everything started with the creation of, a publishing house, in 2009. Books by are the result of the work of a communauty of 50 to 250 authors working together thanks to MyEbookFactory, a web-based platform dedicated to e-publishing. Within only 3 years, already published 16 textbooks and sold more than 150 000. This success is what makes us want to continue the adventure. is Gutenberg Technology's laboratory. Thanks to this dual approach, our experience as a publisher allows us to enhance our technology, and our experience as a technology provider helps us come up with the best publishing process.


We realized that with the unique technology that our developers invented, we could help ALL publishers industrialize their digital process. On that day, we became technology providers.

In 2010 Gutenberg Technology was born and we launched MyEbookFactory 1.0.

As a publisher:

  • We SEE publishing houses striving to manage simultaneous print and non-print publishing.
  • We UNDERSTAND they want to reduce the cost of book production.
  • We REALIZE they want to release digital books in multi-device compatible formats.
  • We THINK what they need is a centralized, cost-efficient, configurable, streamlined system to manage their data.
  • We KNOW digital is crucial yet challenging for publishers.

As a technology provider:

  • We DECIDED to help publishers with these issues.
  • We DEVELOPED the first software dedicated to e-publishing.
  • We HELP publishers produce eBooks (travel books, cookbooks, textbooks).


The founders

François-Xavier Hussherr - CEO

After a successful track record of 15 years in the Internet industry, Francois-Xavier founded Gutenberg Technology. Francois-Xavier, 39 years old, holds a PhD in economics (on the business model of the Internet industry). He has conducted some research at MIT and taught in France.

Passionate  about the Internet, he then worked for Wanadoo the biggest portal in France  and became VP Sales in charge of advertising&paid content services (Wanadoo Portails -now Orange).

He then, became director of Internet activities for Mediamétrie. In his porfolio, he was in charge of Mediametrie//Netratings, a joint venture between Netratings quoted on the NASDAQ and Médiamétrie.

As an author, he has written 5 books about the Internet. In 2006, he joined Benchmark Group (12 M of visitors/month) as Associate Director to focus more on the content side of the internet business.

Also highly interested in the field of education, he decided to create a company Gutenberg Technology that will provide textbooks’ publishers (and other non-linear books) with an end-to-end streamline solution to publish simultaneously on a tablet (Kindle, iPad), on the web, on smartphones and on paper.

Erik Van Rompay - COO

Erik, 49 years old, is the company chairman and has more than 20 years experience before joining Francois-Xavier in founding Gutenberg Technology.

Erik has a civil engineering degree from the University of Louvain (Belgium) and started working for major companies like Ford Motor Co, Volvo, Walt Disney Co before taking director positions at INSEAD, SFR and Ticketnet.

In these positions, he participated in the lauching of Disneyland Paris, SFR and more particularly, started from scratch (becoming the leading  B2B and B2C Ticketing platform in France) and the e-Campus platform of INSEAD (the first virtual campus in the world enabling this institute to take a world leading position in executive education).

With a strong IT background, Erik's portfolio is quite versatile: project management roles, strong experiences in accounting, logistics, sales and legal services in the field of B2B/B2C Internet companies.

Quentin Valmori - Research Director

An enthusiast for computer science from an early age, Quentin started web developing when he was 12. He participated actively in the development process of a CMS open source, where he began as a developer and worked his way up to the head of the development team, and global coordinator. At that time, he managed a team of ten people across France and Europe.

After supervising various community projects on the web, including Animeka, a French association dedicated to the democratization of Japanese animation culture (1M visitors/month),  Quentin joined Gutenberg Technology as a co-founder, where he brought his expertise in technical market  products (technologies, frameworks, ready to use solutions). As head of the development team, his goal is to provide publishers with a turnkey solution : a state-of-the-art, easy to handle, and efficient publishing platform.