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My Ebook Factory is a SaaS software

MyEbookFactory is a SaaS software that allows publishers to create, edit, and store their content online, and publish this content on every device (web, tablets, smartphones...) and every OS, with each device having its own unique formatting characteristics. No need for technical skills, you can become a digital expert without coding: MyEbookFactory does everything for you!

It's all yours

As an editor, you have a total control over your eBook production. Just define the structure of the book, and the content will be injected automaticaly into the database. Decide who can access the book to review it or to enrich it (video, audio, interactive quizz, HTML 5 widgets...). Thanks to the Authoring tool your authors and book contributors can write and edit directly on our web-based interface. At any stage, preview your eBook according to the specificics of each device.

One input, many different outputs

One unique workflow, whether you publish your books in one, five, TEN different formats. You don’t need to choose one device among many anymore: choosing one is choosing them all. Our technology allows eBook industrialization. Our technology is based on HTML 5, CSS 3 and Java Script, with a layer of native code. It is a fully responsive and scalable format, perfect for cross-media publishing.

Digital autonomy

Choose Gutenberg Technology as a partner, and get constant training and customer care services from our dedicated team. Our offer: transfer of skills to your team. Our commitment: book after book you gain autonomy, efficiency and profitability. Your aim: increase your ROI from the first year and eventually merge your paper and digital production within 3 years! You save TIME, you save MONEY.